All singing, a cappella and barbershop in particular, is a full-body sport. I am a firm believer that movement serves to enhance and free the voice in performance and enjoy working with ensembles of all sizes to help them refine the visual elements of their performance to assist and highlight their vocals. Whether you need help auditioning the front row of your chorus, are looking for movement that is fun and fully supportive of your musical plan, or are looking to honestly delve into the emotional world of a song, I can help you and your ensemble perform with confidence and joyfully work toward achieving your goals.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Blocking/Staging
  • Character development
  • Choreography planning
  • Chorus coaching - Physicalization as it supports the musical product
  • Ensemble/Team building
  • Ice breakers and warm-ups
  • Leadership training and development
  • Social Media & Ensemble Branding
  • Vision/Goal setting
  • Visual performance